IAC426 – Thought and Image II

A global study of images of creative expressions in the visual, media, literary and performing arts, and the underlying meanings and purposes that these images represent in the cultures and individual contexts from which they emerge. Works will be presented from a variety of cultures, including China, Japan, Bali, Meso-America, Africa, Europe and Mexico. Cultural concepts and beliefs to be studied will include the varying perceptions of self-identity among differing cultures; varying ways of defining, expressing and resolving paradoxes, dualities and oppositions in nature and human experience; varying relationships between people and nature; transformative journeys; and varying relationships between spiritual and material life in different cultures. Examples of creative works and art forms will include visual and literary labyrinths, world mountains, Balinese music and shadow puppet theatre, Chinese calligraphy, the I Ch’ing, haiku poetry, butoh, African music and masks, Cocteau’s film on the Orphic myth, and recent forms of portraiture that are redefining personal identity (including works by Carrie Mae Weems, Cindy Sherman and Frida Kahlo).