Bread making is the process, physically and metaphorically, through which ingredients combine to create material of dynamic potential.
This performance aimed to recognize the importance of unifying communal actions despite the societal trend towards extreme individuation and isolation. In the process of this piece we hoped to transform our collaboration from a questionable position of power, to a mutually orchestrated tension of boundaries. In this piece, the audience was confronted with three performers who emerged from the darkness, each with different aspects of bread-making. They meet in the middle of the floor and make dough. The dough is cut out of cookie-cutters, the size and shape of each performer’s hand. The audience was asked to complete the process by taking the dough back home and baking it at 365 degrees. This performance took place on May 1st, International Workers’ Day, to commemorate the events in Chicago that led to workers’ rights and an eight hour work day.
Media: performance, sound mix, flour, water, dough, flyer, customized cookie cutters, slides, flashlights
Location: The Lab, San Francisco,CA