The day I saw the world wide web

I don’t know if this was truly the first time that I saw the world wide web, but it is the day I have chosen to represent that time.  It must have been one or two years after Kevin Kelly (Wired magazine) had organized the first cyberthon in 1990. Continue reading

Frontpage Design or putting yourself out there

A collection of starting pages for web based services.  I am collecting these to see how well or how poorly the page explains what the service is, who it is for, and how to proceed. The frontpage a quite a challenge in most cases since it will typically try to compel the user to surrender personal information before proceeding.  Not only this, but a frontpage for a new service must also educate the user as to what the service is, and why one should bother at all.  Looking at the average frontpage certain design patterns emerge.  There is the 1-2-3 steps page, the watch this short video tactic, the let’s get started  – give us your email strategy.  What did you think when you first saw facebook? linked in? What made you get your twitter account set up? And in case you are wondering, I am trying out  the Tell me i’d love to hear strategy. Continue reading